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This blog is retired May 10, 2013. My love for you is now live at: www.LoveYou2.org

Welcome to my get love. give love. journey where I post about my love note writing adventures, documenting signs of love & installing public art love notes. 

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Union street love note adventure

 My friend Michelle is a (brilliant) student in UC Berkley's school of Journalism. She selected LoveYou2.org as the subject of her photo journalism class. Lucky me! We had several photo sessions around San Francisco over several weekends. Our adventures on Union Street were a little more challenging as there are fewer fences and locations to hang the wooden signs. As awkward as it is to be photographed, I also wanted Michelle to have some decent material for her project so I decided to hang a sign on what is clearly private, well-cared for property.....something I typically avoid. This felt very renegade and fun, Michelle obtained some photos of the love in action for class, and  when we left I was certain the sign would be clipped down soon and thrown away.

A week later, Michelle texted me this photo from the same location. With the message "The sign is gone from the fence, just like we thought. But as I was turning away, I saw it featured in the store window."  WOW!! My love on display like this? What fun is that. The sign's message is actually prophetic: nothing is ordinary.