Nick Metropolis

"Love is all there is."  is imprinted in script on his business card. And Baz knows love when he sees it.

Super thanks for hooking a kid up with his own neon letter and teaching us about wiring electricity.

Nick Metropolis is a treasure trove of Hollywood gliz and glimmer. We had to do a quick U-turn when we drove by- a detour was absolutely necessary and we could not be happier with our discoveries or the delightful conversations we had while inside. 

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  1. Thanks for your wonderful visit and for having so much fun at my store! I've been imprinting "Love is all there is!" on my business cards for many years now. That's what life is all about, LOVE. I'm glad Baz, my salesperson, was able to help you with your purchase. I wish you many great journeys and do come see us again! --Sincerely, Nick Metropolis and Family